Tropical Region At State Finals 2018

Information about the 2018 Florida Odyssey of the Mind State Finals in one convenient location. Check this article for performance schedules, long-term problem locations at UCF and more.

Tournament Schedule

Friday Meeting

A strongly suggested but not mandatory, coaches meeting will be held at 7:00 pm on Friday, April 13, 2018 at the UCF Student Union. Meetings for coaches with teams competing in Mockumentary! Seriously? will be held in Classroom Building II auditorium 101. Coaches may park in Garage D or Lot D1 for this meeting without paying the parking fee. If your vehicle is ticketed by mistake please bring the ticket to the Odyssey Information Desk on Saturday. This is the time to ask all questions regarding the competition site. It is important that you review all documentation.

Long-Term Problem Meeting Location
Problem #1 Triathlon Travels UCF Student Union
Pegasus Ballroom F
Problem # 2 Emoji, Speak for Yourself UCF Student Union
3rd Floor Cape Florida A
Problem # Classics… Mockumentary! Seriously? Classroom Building II
Auditorium 101
Problem # 4 Animal House UCF Student Union – 2nd Floor
Key West Rooms
Problem # 5 A Stellar Hangout UCF Student Union – 1st Floor
Pegasus Ballroom D
Primary Problem: We’re Cooking Now UCF Student Union – 1st Floor
Pegasus Ballroom B

Familiarize yourself with the details so you can share them with your team members, or better yet, take them to the site after the meeting so they can familiarize themselves where they will be performing. Let them plan strategies on how to bring in their props and setup.

Long-Term Performance Locations

Long-Term Problem Performances are held throughout the UCF Campus. The UCF Student Union will play host to multiple long-term problems.

  • Problem #1: Triathlon Travels
    • UCF Venue Main Floor (Div. 2)
    • UCF Arena – Main Floor (Div. 1 and 3)
  • Problem #2: Emoji, Speak for Yourself:
    • UCF Student Union – 3rd Floor Cape Florida rooms
  • Problem #3: Classics… Mockumentary! Seriously? – Classroom Building II
  • Problem #4: Animal House:
    • UCF Student Union – 2nd Floor Key West rooms
    • Weigh-In: Egmont Key Room (2nd Floor)
  • Problem #5: A Stellar Hanout – UCF Student Union – Pegasus Ballrooms (1st Floor)
  • Primary Problem: We’re Cooking Now – UCF Arena – Black & Gold Room (1st/Ground Floor)
  • Spontaneous – Classroom Building #1

UCF Campus Map
Printable Tournament Map

Food and Refreshments at UCF

Competition Day:

  • Registration: 7:00 – 9:00AM
  • Long-Term Problem Performances: 7:00AM – 5:30PM
  • OMER’s Block Party: 4:00PM – 6:00PM
  • Awards Ceremony Doors Open: 6:15PM
  • Awards Ceremony: 7:00PM
  • World Finalist Team Meeting for Coaches: Immediately following Awards Ceremony

OMER’s Block Party

OMER's Block Party
Come out and dance and party with OMER and friends from 4:00 to 6:00PM outside the UCF Arena! Enjoy the music and prizes and get ready for the awards ceremony.


There are parking garages available on campus for you to use. The closest to the Student Union is the West Parking Garage. The closest to the Arena is the D (North) Garage and the F Garage behind the Arena. The closest to Classroom Building II is Garage H. Parking in these garages will be free on the day of tournament.

Trailers may be parked in the D1 parking lot (behind the D Garage). No trailers will be allowed in the parking garages. Loading areas beside the Student Union, Classroom Building II, and behind the Arena are for drop-off and pick-up ONLY! You cannot leave your trailers in these loading areas during performances.

DO NOT park in Garage G adjacent to the arena! Violators will be towed! Do not park in construction areas!

For the most up-to-date parking information visit

Problem Clarifications

Be sure to check on-line for last minute Problem Clarifications. Your team will be responsible for meeting the requirements of any clarification posted as of April 11, 2018. Ask at the meeting if there are any clarifications that you should know about that were not posted on-line.

Notes for Structure Problem

Teams competing in the structure long-term problem should be aware of the following:

The amount of weight in each division is listing on the state website at State Finals Structure Weights Available.

On Competition Day:

All teams must check in at the registration area at the UCF Student Union in the area of the first floor atrium. Teams should plan to register between 7:00 A.M. and 9:00 A.M. on Saturday, April 14, 2018.

Each coach or designee will receive necessary information about the tournament. Included will be an official Odyssey coach ID badge. This badge must be worn by the person who will be picking up scores at the competition site and following the awards ceremony.

Don’t forget to take your copy of the ‘Florida Odyssey of the Mind 2018 Team Conduct Contract’ Form. You will need to submit them at the registration table on Saturday morning along with the other forms that may be requested.

Florida Odyssey of the Mind 2018 Team Conduct Contract Requires Adobe Reader

Notes For Tournament:

  • Make sure that your worker arrives at the assigned area at least 10 minutes ahead of their scheduled time.
  • Make sure your team arrives at their long-term problem staging area 30 minutes early.
  • Make sure your team arrives at Classroom Building I for Spontaneous at least 15 minutes early and checks-in at the table.
  • Make sure you have copies of all forms for the staging judge:
    • Style Form (5 copies)
    • Material Values [Cost Form]
    • Outside Assistance Form
    • The List (if applicable to your LT Problem)

Worker Schedule

Worker Assignments for State Finals. Make sure your worker reports to their designated location and checks in with tournament officials.

Coach Bulletin Board

A Coach Bulletin Board will be in use and on display in the Student Union from approximately 7:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. during the tournament. The board will be located in the Registration area and after Registration closes, next to the Odyssey Information Table. It is strongly recommended that all coaches check this Coach Bulletin Board several times during the tournament day.


Teams and Odyssey supporters are expected to respect each other and their property. Any violations may result in unsportsmanlike penalties, expulsion from the competition and/or from all future competitions. Decisions will be determined by the official State Odyssey Tribunal and decisions will be final.

Integrity of Spontaneous Problems

It is vital that all teams maintain the integrity of the Spontaneous Problem by NOT DISCUSSING IT IN ANY WAY until after ALL tournament competition is completed. Team coaches and other Odyssey supporters are asked to help teams keep the secret by not questioning them until after competitions are finished.

Outside Assistance

NO OUTSIDE ASSISTANCE WILL BE PERMITTED at any time by any one! This includes, but is not limited to, assistance during the day of the tournament. Non-team members may assist in moving, lifting, transporting props, vehicles or other large/heavy items. Non-team members may NOT assemble, repair, apply make up or costumes or in any other way become involved with the materials of the team’s solution/performance.

Thank you for your participation and efforts. As a region we will all do very well. Good Luck!

Erik Veiga,
Regional Director, Tropical Region
Florida Odyssey of the Mind

Good luck OMers!

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